NUMBER CROSS is getting a new look!



Just as computer systems change related to processors and disk storage, computer software changes to take advantage of the new systems. Number Cross is changing its packaging to take advantage of the new 64-bit systems and the computer USB connector.

Number Cross was formally introduced at the 1990 National Educational Computing Conference held in Nashville, Tennessee. At that time, the packaging was bulky and the media included in the package was a 360k floppy disk and a 720k 3.5 inch disk.

Since 1996, the packaging has changed. Gone are the floppy disks as the program was sold on CD Rom discs. The next step is to provide the program on a USB drive. This new media provides portability from computer to computer and also includes enough disk space to store more than five million individual scores.



Our Unique Place in Education

Computer Classics began publishing electronic books in the year 1984, under the name Timed-Sequence Learning. Number Cross was introduced in 1989 as a basic math program designed for children and adult learners. Number Cross introduced PAL (Positive Answer Learning).

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